If you were born and have lived in the past century, you most probably know what a casino is. Traditional Casino You may have been into one or played in one once or twice in your life. You’ve seen it up close or in a movie. You know what kind of place it is—a place for gambling. With everything now going digital, even casinos have gone online.

What, then, makes a traditional casino different from an online casino? In a battle of online casinos vs traditional casinos, here are the things you should know.

What exactly is a “traditional” casino and what makes an online playing platform an online casino? Here are the distinctions between the two.

Online Casinos

In a nutshell, an online casino is a platform usually. A website or a mobile app—that offers you traditional casino games. That you can play online. Just like in a casino that you can walk into. Online casinos are played with real money and you can win real money from these games, too.

When it comes to games, online casinos offer mostly. The same form of games that you can find in a land-based casino: there are online slots. Online card games like blackjack and poker, and table games like roulette and dice.

Traditional Casinos

A traditional casino is a casino that most people know some call it land-based casinos. The brick-and-mortar places. Those flashy and bright places in Las vegas you often see in the movies? That is a traditional casino. Basically, any physical establishment. Where you can gamble and play games using your real money and potentially win real money. Too, can be considered as a traditional casino.

With the growing numbers of online casinos popping up every day. What are the pros of playing in one or a few of them? Here are some ideas.


Play Anywhere and Anytime

Since an online casino is based on a website or a mobile app, you are not limited to playing in one physical location only. As long as you have your device—it could be your computer, laptop, or a smartphone—and you have a working internet connection, you are good to go.

If you are stuck in traffic, you make a quick bet in one round of roulette. No need to physically travel anywhere as you virtually carry the casino with you, and it can be literally in the palm of your hands.

Not only that, online casinos are not limited to any operating hours. You can virtually play any game all you want, and at any time that you want. Feeling like pulling some online slots on a late-night chill? You can do that in an online casino. On a lunch break, and looking to kill some time? Simply open your smartphone app and you can play a game of two of whatever you fancy.

One thing about online casinos is that they are MASSIVE.

In a traditional casino, seeing hundreds of slot machines in operation is already a huge feat. In online casinos, you have tens of thousands of choices across all of the legal sites and apps.

Are slots your thing? You can have online slots with different skins, different amounts of jackpots and different special mechanics added as per the game design. How about a game of online poker? You can play all variants of poker anytime you want, and some online casinos also offer some added-in twists on the mechanics and gameplay.

There are thousands of options in just one site or app alone. Multiply that by a thousand fold (or ten thousand), and that is how many options for games you have, and you can access all of that straight from your device.

One of the common concerns gamblers is their privacy, what with the stigma still surrounding problem gamblers and also the idea of their security (especially where there is a huge amount of money involved). Other the other hand, simply don’t want anyone bothering them—people bothering them with annoying small talk, or strangers who sometimes get strangely too close or too friendly for whatever reason.

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In an online casino, no one knows what you are playing, when you are playing, and how much you are winning. Everything is between you and your chosen online platform alone. Not only that, with the use of a VPN, but you can also even mask your IP address and real location so that even the online casino would not know where you really are.

Add to that the use of cryptocurrency to make your deposits, your gambling can be completely untraceable back to you.

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