How to Find Luck When Betting?

Luck is a very important thing for casino players. Find Luck When Betting Some have rituals they follow every time they play, while others carry ‘lucky charms’ to help them win. Since betting is a game of chance, winning is not only about skill but also about luck.

While there is no surefire way to prove one’s level of luck, novices and pro players alike hope luck comes their way while playing. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to improve your luck and increase your chances of winning. From using gambling spells to believing in yourself, we give you the ultimate tips to improve your luck at online casinos.

How to Find luck When Betting?

There are times when most game odds and strategies can fail you and that leaves you with only one choice, which is to rely on luck. While some people don’t believe it, luck works for others. Check out the ways  to attract luck when betting  below:

Keep your coins out of sight of other players

Many lucky players like to keep their money out of sight of other players. They believe that it is better if other players don’t know if they are running out of money or winning a lot. For them, keeping money to themselves will prevent the bad energy from returning and will even limit theft.

Speaking last step

People believe that “telling ahead of time does not pass.” If you believe in luck, you should wait for things to happen instead of concluding them before you begin. This will also prove that actions always speak louder than words. speak.

Only play when you’re in a good mood

It is important to gamble only when you are in a good mood to attract good fortune and not to bet hesitantly or reluctantly as this can be a risky move that will not help you to win.

Remember that mental stress will make you unable to concentrate on the game and lose your chances of winning. Anger, frustration, and other negative emotions can cloud judgment somewhat. So if you think you’re not in the best mood, consider delaying the game by a day or taking a break first.

Trust your intuition

If you want to increase your luck in the casino, you should trust your intuition and go in the right direction. According to scientist Antonio Damasio from the University of Southern California, it’s important to trust your feelings because they’re responsible for your emotions and responses to threats. Therefore, intuition tells you what is right or not, faster than your mind. Damasio’s theory is that the more you trust your intuition, the better the outcome.

Only gamble in reputable places and bet responsibly

Always make sure to only gamble at trusted and reputable sites like Bitcasino. Since betting involves placing real money, it is important that you only play on safe and secure sites. Remember that if the platform is not secure, your money and chances of winning may suffer. In addition, the major gambling sites offer great bonuses that can give you an extra chance of winning.

Also, always make sure you  gamble responsibly and avoid getting drunk. In research conducted in 2014, a group of researchers found that out of 565,915 bets made by 776 gamblers, the winners were more likely to keep winning. This is because these players stay calm, which helps them to bet smarter. Meanwhile, other players keep losing because they chase their losses and expect to win anytime.

Be optimistic

Always believe that you will win as this helps you to bet higher and attract luck. However, avoid being overly optimistic or overconfident as this can irritate you and lead to accepting risky bets, which can be costly in the long run.

How to Find Luck When Betting

Learn from those who came before – Find Luck When Betting

If you think your luck is not good, you should seek the help of previous players. Remember that experience is the best teacher, so if you are looking for help to increase your chances of winning, good gamblers could be the ones you should meet.

Keep with you lucky charms

When something positive happens, people often want a logical explanation as to why. They began to connect energies with special items intended to bring good luck and began to believe that amulets were the cause of success in certain situations. This is the reason many people believe 888Casino in the special meaning of the talisman, which is an item of great significance to the owner.

Since talismans have special meanings, they are often connected with positive events that are happening in one’s life. These items are said to have the same effect if carried when betting. Some even carry lucky feng shui stones like Sapphire, Carnelian and Aventurine.

Believing in superstitions is not always wrong – Find Luck When Betting

According to Lysann Damisch, a researcher from the University of Cologne, believing in spirituality is not a silly thing. That belief will make believers more confident and optimistic, she says, which helps them make the best possible bets.

Also, beliefs like wearing something with special meaning or carrying lucky charms with you can really come into play. A lot of celebrities believe in luck. For example, Michael Jordan used to wear college team shorts under his NBA uniform or Tiger Woods used to wear red in tournaments to bring good luck.

Some casino players even look for luck in astrology using horoscopes to know their chances of winning. Since horoscopes can predict lucky numbers and colors of each zodiac sign, they tried to use this data in the game. Popular Spiritual Rituals That Can Boost Your Luck There are many beliefs and rituals about luck in betting and one of these is even performed before entering a casino or playing a game.

Raise the Horseshoe High – Find Luck When Betting

Formally, finding a horseshoe means you will be protected from bad luck or oncoming good fortune. But it was Saint Dunstan who first believed that hanging a horseshoe upward in the shape of a ‘U’ would attract positive energy in the Middle Ages.

Saint Dunstan was the patron of goldsmiths and a great blacksmith. One day, the Devil asked him to put horseshoes on the Devil’s horse. The saint pretended to accept the assignment but when he began to drive the horseshoe, he grabbed the Devil’s hoof and nailed it there.

The devil cried out in pain and begged Saint Dunstan to remove the horseshoe. The saint agreed, but on one condition, that the Devil could never enter any house with a horseshoe hanging in front of the door.

Since then, it was believed that hanging a horseshoe would keep evil spirits out of any place. Many people also believe that the way to hang should be upward to receive good luck, if hung upside down, luck and protection will run out.

Dressed in red

Asian culture believes that red attracts happiness, wealth and success. Therefore, players will wear this color whenever they play casino games such as shirts.

Cross fingers – Find Luck When Betting

The belief that crossing fingers brings good luck comes from the medieval practice where Christians made the sign of the cross as a protection against witches and other possible evil forces. bring bad luck. Another theory is that the cross symbol, in pagan ritual, helps people to make their wishes come true with the help of good spirits.

Blow into the dice

Blowing on the dice before the game starts is said to attract luck to appear the correct numbers. There are even male players who ask women to roll the dice.

Another theory stems from when board games were popular on the street. People often blow the dice before rolling on the ground as a way to clean its surface and remove any dirt or particles that could affect the dice’s spin.

Ultimately, historians believe that the blowing was done to trigger the sticky element of the dice, which was a way to cheat in the casino.

Reading spells – Find Luck When Betting

Many people use spells to improve their luck and increase their chances of winning. Some of the magic spells that gamblers often use are Wiccan Money Gold and Lady Luck which are said to activate wealth and good luck.

Knock on wood

Knocking on wood is a common belief not only among bettors but also in most people. We knock on wood to protect ourselves from bad luck. This arose from the pagan belief. That good spirits lived in trees and that touching or tapping. Was a way to perceive their power. As a reward, the spirits will protect the doer from bad luck.

Another theory as to why knocking on wood is lucky comes from Catholic Christians. Who believe that doing it is an act of reverence for Jesus, who died on the cross with wood.

How to avoid bad luck in betting – Find Luck When Betting

Are you currently losing and looking to change your luck in gambling? Here are a few ways you can get out of bad luck:

Avoid crossing your legs

If crossing the fingers brings good luck, then crossing the legs is said to bring bad luck. This is mainly because crossing the legs is considered an unhealthy posture. As it impedes the circulation of blood and can lead to discomfort. Sitting in such a position for a long time becomes more uncomfortable. Which can affect your gaming tactics and decision making. In addition, it is believed that crossing your legs. At casinos will “eliminate” good fortune.

Don’t whistle on the betting table

Whistling was said to be an omen for the first time when sailors thought it would spur the wind to blow harder and put the ship in danger. In gambling, whistling is considered an act of making noise at the table, not polite to other players.

Do not lend money on the betting table

Avoid lending money at the table as it is believed that the borrower may not win and may not be able to pay you back. This will create a bad chain of events as you may lose the loan amount.

Avoid betting on numbers that are considered unlucky like 13 and 4

Most bettors have favorite numbers that they consider lucky. But there is one number. That many cultures believe to be unlucky: the number 13. This belief has its roots in an old theory of betting. the appearance of Judas Iscariot, the 13th guest to the Last Supper and later to betray Jesus.

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Another theory in ancient Norse legend says that evil and chaos first came to the world. When the 13th guest, the god Loki, attended a dinner party in Valhalla. Which turned the island upside down. Flip the balance of the first 12 gods. Meanwhile, in China, the number 4 is considered. The most unlucky number because. It is pronounced closely to the word ‘death’.

Do not count money on the table

It is believed that counting winnings while still on the table brings bad luck and can negatively. Affect the next round of play. This comes from the saying “pride comes before collapse”. Which means that people. Who are too arrogant are more likely to fail. Counting money in front of your opponent is often seen. As pretentious and tactless, so it’s better to control your urge to calculate your victory while the game isn’t over.

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