Famous Casinos: Their Past and Present

Gambling is an activity that has existed for hundreds of years. Famous Casinos Taking a look at history, you find references to it in many different cultures and civilizations. Evidence of it can be found throughout the past centuries of Chinese, Greek, Roman, Hindu and many other histories.

However, gambling was only relatively recently legalized in many parts of the world. That’s why you won’t find casinos that are 40,000 years old. But there are still several iconic establishments that are a few centuries old today. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s oldest gambling establishments and see how they have evolved to suit modern day gambling.


Monte Carlo is now not just a place where the rich and famous play; For centuries it has been a reference of glamor. Built in 1856, the Monte Carlo Casino was commissioned by Princess Caroline of the House of Grimaldi . The principality was going through many economic problems at that time and LeoVegas.com the princess saw in the game an opportunity to save it from total bankruptcy.

The Monte Carlo casino was a resounding success and by the 1890s it had grown exponentially to include an opera house, the Sala Garnier, and the Trente-Quarante gaming room. In addition, the building was renovated to give it a beaux-art style and was beautifully adorned with balustrades, floral-inspired ornaments, mosaics, large windows and doors, and a multitude of statues.


Going forward a couple of centuries, you might recognize the casino as the place where James Bond, Agent 007, takes part in a game of poker in the 2006 movie Casino Royale . The building is as glamorous as ever and continues to attract wealthy celebrities, sports stars, musicians and billionaires from all over the world.

From humble beginnings, at least by royal standards, it has grown to become one of the most iconic gaming establishments in the world, bringing in a massive amount of revenue to Monaco. Despite its size and fame, no resident of the principality can enjoy its grandeur. Ironically, Monaco prohibits its residents from entering such establishments to keep gambling addiction at bay. However, this rule excludes 80% of residents, who are actually from foreign countries.

Among the games offered by the casino are European roulette , Punto Banco, poker, craps, slot machines or trente et quarante.


At 400 years old, the Venice Casino is officially the world’s first and oldest casino. Built in 1509 , the building was originally home to distinguished families. It only became a gambling house in 1638.

The facade is adorned with columns that directly face the Grand Canal. On the ground floor, two glass doors opened, divided by a large column. The columns on the upper floor are handsomely accompanied by trefoil-topped windows and stately arches. The building also contains famous paintings, sculptures and opulent chandeliers that grace its interior. Much of the ceilings were painted by the Baroque master Mattia Bortoloni himself.

World famous opera composer Richard Wagner died in 1883 of a sudden heart attack while visiting the building. Today it has a museum dedicated to the musician where visitors can enjoy one of the largest collections of Wagner’s work that includes his personal belongings LeoVegas.com and much more.

The building continues to maintain its grandeur, but with modest beauty and not as ostentatious as other gambling establishments around the world. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of games, such as Texas Hold’em poker, blackjack , roulette , trente et quartet or Caribbean Stud poker. And board games aren’t its only attraction; Players can also choose from over 600 slot machines .


Gambling is a very old pastime in the UK. It is a tradition that dates back more than two centuries. The first gambling establishments of the 19th century were private clubs for members only and were usually exclusively for men.

London’s Crockfords club was built in 1826 and was a meeting place where members of the aristocratic class met to gamble . The Duke of Wellington was instrumental in William Crockford’s successful opening of the club, which soon became a major draw for the British elite and prominent foreigners.

Today, Crockfords club remains a London ex libris and one of the most exclusive gambling clubs in the world. It is not an establishment where anyone can enter, but a luxurious experience in the most refined surroundings. Only high-stakes games are played there or in private rooms that can be rented. Those rooms still have the same atmosphere as when they opened, albeit with a contemporary twist. American roulette, blackjack, poker or baccarat are some of the games that exclusive visitors to this club can enjoy.

Famous Casinos Their Past and Present


Until it became the largest entertainment center in the world, Las Vegas was nothing more than a dusty Wild West enclave where almost nothing happened. But precisely that isolation was key for the entertainment industry to be establish. There, because it made it difficult to apply. The laws that prohibited gambling. In fact, some of the gambling establishments in. The area even sold alcohol despite it being prohibit at the time as well.

The Golden Gate Casino opened in 1906, making it the oldest gambling establishment in Las Vegas . The original building had gaming rooms of about 3m x 3m, which was considered very opulent at the time.

This casino is today one of the most iconic establishments on the Strip . The more than 10 million dollars spent on its renovation have turn. It into the luxurious venue that it is today and that attracts people from all over the world.

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What do all these historical places have in common? All of them have evolved to adapt to changing times and thus have managed to remain relevant after so many years of existence.

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