Really bad!

Really bad! It did not work to use the bonus and it’s a fee for taking your money back. Please do not use this casino.

It’s most scam casino

It’s most scam casino I have ever played with its been so long I playing with this scam never win nothing. I we’ll never play with scam people. Believe me don’t west your money and your time. ITS SCAM.

Absolutely dreadful gaming site

Absolutely dreadful gaming site.Never ever I had this kind of experience. Not a single time I was up.NEVER. The bonus rounds are a joke.Don’t use. It Will make your like a living hell

They should be reviewed.

Win on sport and have it all taken back on slots. These guys know this if you win and love to screw you over on their slots. Don’t use these guys if you bet on sport. Bonuses are rubbish + charging to withdraw. They should be reviewed.

Just rob you silly

Like every other casinos they rope you in with okay wins at first then it’s all take from there, you will never get a bonus round and if you do it’s sh.t! If you want fun and value your money then don’t deposit on this site they will just rob you silly.

Very strange

Deposit as much as you want win aswell first few withdrawals ok then start asking for stupid Id hold up driving licence next to your face bank statements and never use PayPal it takes months I had to send about 100 screenshots to finally say transaction numbers didn’t match then eventually PayPal sent email and funds released they do pay eventually but if you’ve got time to keep messaging and no life enjoy casino

Very poor site.

Good to newbies then once roped in terrible RTP on the games. Just takes in record time. No fun whatsoever and no bonuses that people enjoy such as free spins. Getting greedy like every other site. Don`t go there. Anyone who never lets you out with a profit, even when you play low amounts is just after your cash and quick. Very poor site.

Take so long to verify a account

Never have I known it to take so long to verify a account, load of rubbish paddy power 10 times better.

This is the worst casino

This is the worst casino what I have played. If I know where I do can report I do. Never no any win for big money I am not played for 0.20 or less but much more and not win. THIS NEED BE RAPORT THEM

Not to trust

Not to trust I have won winning of my life 6.900£ and they blocked my account permanently, don’t want to provide reason and don’t replay on emails just because they destroyed my live on this moment.

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